Western Conservative Summit 2017
 July 21-23
 Denver, Colorado

 "Making Goodness Fashionable"


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General Session mp3s
# Title mp3
101 Jeff Hunt, Ryan Zinke, Cory Gardner and John Bolton
102 Kate Pavlich, Charlie Kirk, Victor Mitchell, Don Hood, and Cal Thomas
103 Montes Alvarado, Bill Bennett and Tim Scott
104 Terrence Moore, Craig DeRoche, Bob Beauprez and Stephen Barlock
105 Frank Gaffney, Jeff Myers and Convention of States
106 ALEC Panel Discussion - Jeff Hunt and Amy Smith - Take Action
107 Doug Robinson, Freedom Caucus and Rich Bratten
108 Donald Sweeting, George Brachler and Jay Sekulow
109 Ken Blackwell, Michael Farris and Kristan Hawkins
110 Warren Cole Smith and Os Guinness
111 William L. Armstrong Awards Banquet - James Dobson
Workshop mp3s
# Title mp3
1 Communicate Your Values to Change Law, Part 1
2 Make an Impact on Your Local School District
3 Climate Change: Fraud and How Carbon Dioxide is Beneficial
4 Social Media in a Post-2016 Election World
5 A Behind the Scenes Look at Americans for Prosperity-Colorado
6 From Government-Run to Parent-Controlled: Education Savings Accounts and the Next Generation...
7 Fundraising in the New Era of Millennial Conservatism
8 How We Make a Positive Impact and Save the Republic!
9 Religious Liberty Ad Fontes: The Curious and Consisten Example of Elder John Leland
10 War of Worldviews
11 Communicate Your Values to Change Law, Part 2
12 Take Back Your Country by Taking Your Community
13 Educating Millennials on the Constitution
14 Campaign Planning for Success
15 Housing and Urban Development Grants: Blessing or Poison Pill?
16 Creating Pathways of Opportunity for Returning Citizens
17 Policy, Regulation and Culture - Will Traditional Social Values Survive?
18 Why Christian Should Be Conservatives and Conservatives Should Be Christians
19 Constitutional Law and Your Rights
20 How Can Millennials Rediscover Liberty
21 Regulation Without Representation
22 An Agenda for Modern Women
23 Telling the Truth to the Next Generation
24 Israel: Land of Creation
25 Moral Aspects of Fossil Fuel
26 Crisis Communications for Campaigns
27 Debt Crisis? We Can Fix That. Over Regulation? We Can Fix That.
28 Conservatives: Reclaim Leadership on Conservation Issues or Lose Millennials
29 Making "Innocent Until Proven Guilty" Fashionable Again: The Case for Pre-Trial Justice Reform
30 Reign in Big Government with Article VI not V
31 Emerging Conservative Policy Issues
32 Winning the Secret Battle of Ideas Over America's Future
33 Moving the Middle: Why Moderates Aren't Listening to Conservatives
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