Mid Atlantic Lectureship
 "How to" Win in Christ
 June 22nd-24th
 Westminster, Maryland


Complete Conference Set on CD - $89.00
Audio CDs - $7.00

Complete Conference Set on CD
Friday, June 22nd
# Title and Speaker CD
1 Opening Session by Walter Maxwell
2 How to Love Despite Conflict by Domingo Reyes
How to Pray Uninhibited by Melvin Jones
3 How to Press On and Progress by Norman Nuton
How to Grasp the Mystery by Geoffrey M. Veale
4 How to Conduct Yourself by Garrick Cook
How to Exercise in Christ by Graylon Freeman
5 How to Be an Example by Floyd Williamson
How to Wage War by Douglas Goodman
6 How to Use Your Gifts by Willie Rupert
Saturday, June 23rd
7 How to Have the Heart of an Overseer by Dr. Bruce McClure
8 How to Learn in All Submission by Margaret Robertson
9 How Not to Despise Thy Youth by Sam Knight
10 How to Be an Effective Song Leader by Dorian Paul Williams
11 How to Become a Certified Counselor by Clarence Davis
12 How to Purify One's Heart by John Wilkie
How to Live Fearlessly by Marvin Robertson
13 How to Hold Fast by Clinton Miles
How to Live a Christ-Delivered Life by Melvin Otey
14 How to Serve in Humility by Gary Smith
How to Handle Abandonment by Deon Booker
15 How to Be Watchful by Gene Cooper
How to Be Ready by Kevin Bethea
16 How to Discern the Times by Willie Hubbard
How to Be Perfect by Edward Maxwell
Sunday, June 24th
17 How to Win in Christ
by Houlder, Adenaike, McKinley, Knight & Parker
Closing Session by Dr. Olu Shabazz
Additional Binders (hold 8 CDs) for $3.00 each