2014 Accessibility Summit
 April 4 & 5
 Washington, D.C.

Audio CDs - $7.00
DVD - $15.00
Complete Conference Set on Audio CD - $179.00

General Sessions
# Title and Speaker DVD CD
101 Giving Up? Not an Option!! by Scott Anderson
102 Don't We Already Do Inclusion? by Paula Kluth N/A N/A
Session 1 - Friday Evening 7:45pm
1-1 Special Siblings by Jackie Mills-Fernald
1-2 Finding Hidden Gold for Special Needs Families by Friese, Bassos & Hellams
1-3 Post-Secondary Education: A Pathway to Independence by Tracy Terrill
1-4 Entendiendo Educacion Especial (in SPANISH) by Daniela Ancalle
1-5 God's View of Disability - In HIS Words by W. C. Hoecke
1-6 Starting Out Small: Creating a Special Needs Ministry on a Budget by Judi Hangen Cooper
1-7 Keeping the "FUN" in Disability Ministry by Amy Kendall
1-8 Developing Flexibility Skills in Children with ASD and ADHD by Eulau, Reynolds and Baum-Skorija
1-9 When Your APPetite with Social Skill Teaching Options by Laurie Jacobs
1-10 Team-Teaching: We Cna Do This Together! by Dr. Phyllis Genareo
Session 2 - Saturday 9:45am
2-1 Protected Tomorrows: Special Needs Financial Planning by Mary Anne Ehlert
2-2 Are Goldfish Crackers Really Food? by Patricia Lemer
2-3 Keeping Track: How to Organize Caregiving Paperwork by Jolene Philo
2-4 Strengthening Your Marriage - The Importance of Communication by W. C. Hoecke
2-5 Creating an Inclusive Culture in Your Church by Harmony Hensley
2-6 Introducing Jesus to Those with Special Needs by Barbara Newman
2-7 Respite: A Starting Point by Matt Mooney
2-8 Just Give Him the Whale by Dr. Paula Kluth N/A
2-9 Selecting the Best iPad Apps for Those with Special Needs by Jacqueline Hess
2-10 Let Music Make a Difference by Tom Sweitzer and Kim Tapper
Session 3 - Saturday at 11:15am
3-1 Figure It Out! by Scott Anderson
3-2 Housing: Decreasing Boundaries, Increasing Options by Cathy Purple Cherry N/A
3-3 Special Operations: Life as a Special Needs Dad by Dr. Wayne Evans
3-4 Just Take ONE Bite! by Amanda Kelley
3-5 Caring for the Caregiver by Charles, Pfohl, Philo and Mills-Fernald
3-6 Using Social Media to Grow Your Ministry by Barbara Dittrich
3-7 Winning the Hearts of Your Church Leadership by Stephanie Hubach
3-8 Practical Ways to Improve Functional Adaptive Skills by Janeen Waddell
3-9 I Have More to Say! by Anne Boyle
3-10 The Power of Partnership in Teaching Social Skills by Schoenbrun, Hines and Hurst
3-11 Telepractice: Speech Therapy via Online Videoconferencing by Lambert and Wallace
Session 4 - Saturday 1:45pm
4-1 Good Grief by Marie Kuck
4-2 Homework Success for Children with Special Needs by Neil McNerney
4-3 Anger Management for Parents by Tim Sweeney
4-4 Get to Work - Finding Employment After Graduation by Michelle Lotrecchiano and Ashley Welch
4-5 Sunday School - Where Employment is Welcome by Barbara Newman
4-6 Transitioning Teens with Disabilities into Youth Ministry by Pamela Harmon
4-7 Creating a Ministry of Growth and Impact by Jackie Mills-Fernald
4-8 Down Syndrom: Medical and Behavioral Challenges by Dr. George Capone
4-9 Instructional and Behavioral Supports for Students with ASD by Kaufman, Bloom and Cooner
4-10 ADHD: Behind the Scenes by Dr. Karin Varblow N/A
4-11 Bullying: How Do We Fix the Problem? by Katie Wetherbee
Pre- Conference Workshops
P-1 Access Unplugged by Jackie Mills-Fernald
P-2 Puzzle Piece - A Performance to Remember by Tom Sweitzer
P-3 Moving On - Developing a Successful Transition Strategy with Panel
P-4 Capturing Hearts - Finding Volunteers to Serve with Passion with Panel
Complete Conference Set on Audio CD for $179
(Audio CD Set includes a DVD copy of both general sessions)
Additional Binders (hold 8 CDs) for $3.00 each