2013 Accessibility Summit
 April 19 & 20
 Washington, D.C.


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DVD - $15.00
mp3 downloads - $3.00
Complete Conference Set on Audio CD - $189.00
Complete Conference Set on mp3 - $115.00

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General Sessions
# Title and Speaker DVD CD mp3
101 Big Dream by Clay Dyer
102 Dancing Lessons by Emily Colson
Session 1 - Friday Evening 7:45pm
1-1 Road Work Ahead: Siblings are Special Too! by Joe & Cindi Ferrini
1-2 Caring for the Caregiver by Sarah Sfreddo
1-3 Taking Care of Business for Your Special Needs Family by M. Friese, K. Thompson & R. Rubin
1-4 Parent to Parent Mentoring by Barbara Dittrich & Jolene Philo
1-5 Keeping Ministry Safe by Jackie Mills-Fernald
1-6 Creating a Classroom Culture by Amy Kendall & Katie Wetherbee
1-7 Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers by Harmony Hensley
1-8 Paws that Serve by Michelle Robinson & Kris Campesi
1-9 Targeted Nutrition Therapy by Kelly Dorfman
1-10 Differentiation for Students with Autism by Dr. Jayne Sullivan & Missy Sullivan
1-11 Ticket to Work 101 by Amy Wallish
1-12 Walk In My Shoes by Donna Goldbranson
Session 2 - Saturday 9:45am
2-1 Preparing for College from A-Z by Kelly DeSenti
2-2 ABCs of IEPs by Anne Kirkland
2-3 Homeschooling Children with Special Needs by F. Berens, B. Statnick & K. Winn
2-4 Finding Joy on the Journey by Emily Colson
2-5 Inclusive Children's Ministry by Jackie Mills-Fernald & Sunny Cote'
2-6 Recharge - Refresh - Rejuvenate by Katie Garvert
2-7 Anxiety in Children and Teens by Dr. Steve Grcevich
2-8 Teaching Flexibility & Problem Solving by Monica Werner
2-9 Safety for Individuals with Autism by Scott Campbell
Session 3 - Saturday at 11:15am
3-1 Advocacy: Coming Full Circle by Linda, Emily & Mac Starnes
3-2 Post-Secondary Education: One Size Does Not Fit All by Tracy Terrill
3-3 Managing Your Time Without Losing Your Mind by Jolene Philo
3-4 The Importance of Special Dads by Larry Jamieson
3-5 When We Don't All Live "Happily Ever After" by David Glover
3-6 Spiritual Formation by Barbara Newman
3-7 Under Construction: Launching a Special Needs Ministry by Harmony Hensley
3-8 Disability Etiquette and Training by Rene Ward
3-9 Practical Solutions for Challenging Behaviors by Dr. Jane Barbin
3-10 Playtitude: The Power of Play by Joshua Metz
3-11 The Penguin Project: Community Theater by Dr. Andy Morgan
3-12 Vision Therapy by Dr. Tod Davis
Session 4 - Saturday 1:45pm
4-1 Road Work Ahead: Keeping Your Marriage Strong by Joe & Cindi Ferrini
4-2 Finding the Right School by J. Thompson, V. Geis & Shirley Werth
4-3 Life Planning: A Legal & Financial Perspective by Michael Toobin & Jerry Hulick
4-4 Respite - The Gift of Time by JM Fernald, C. Doolittle, S. Charles & R. Hamilton
4-5 Connecting with Community by Karen Jackson
4-6 They Are Growing Up...Now What? by Amy Kendall
4-7 iPad Training and Relevant Apps by Jacqueline Hess
4-8 Sensory Integration by Barbara Newman N/A N/A
4-9 Music Therapy by Tom Sweitzer
Pre- Conference Workshops
P-1 Access Unplugged by Jackie Mills-Fernald
P-2 Soaring Toward Greater Independence by Dr. J. Barbin, B. Newman & E. Colson
P-3 Reaching Out to Special Families by Ferrinis, L. Jamieson, K. Jackson & J. Philo
Complete Conference Set on Audio CD for $189 or mp3 for $115 (Audio CD Set includes a DVD copy of both general sessions)
Additional Binders (hold 8 CDs) for $3.00 each