2012 Accessibility Summit
 April 20 & 21
 Washington, D.C.


Audio CDs - $7.00
Two CD Sets - $12.00
Complete Conference Set - $179.00

General Sessions
# Title and Speaker CD
101 The Impact of Disability on the Family by Eustacia Cutler N/A
Session 1 - Friday Evening 8:30pm
1-1 Speechless by Angella Foster
1-2 Inclusive Emergency Planing by Dr. Carl Cameron
1-3 Building Family Life: Developing Habits that Help by Nancy Carlson Steadman
1-4 You Are Not Alone - The Challenges of Single Parenting by Crystal Ray
1-5 Life Stinks - Deal with It by Scott Anderson
1-6 Making Sunday School Curriculum Work for All Children by Amy Kendall
1-7 Sustaining a Vibrant Disability Ministry by Jodi Graff
1-8 Networking: It's Not Just for Business Anymore by Aaron Scheffler
1-9 Red Flags in Development of Young Children by Joshua Metz
1-10 Hacking Autism by Phil McKinney
1-11 Useful and Practical Tools for Obtaining Employment by Kitty Clark Stevenson N/A
1-12 You've Got Access! by Tom Wlodkowski & Chris Blouch
Session 2 - Saturday 10:45am
2-1 Protected Tomorrows: Journey Through Special Needs Planning by Mary Anne Ehlert & TJ Doremus
2-2 Post-Secondary Education: From Dream to Reality by Tracy Terrill
2-3 Managing Your Time Without Losing Your Mind by Jolene Philo
2-4 Moving On Up: Special Needs Ministry for Teens and Adults by Jackie Mills-Fernald
2-5 Under Construction: Building an Inclusion Ministry by Harmony Hensley
2-6 When Crisis Collides with Love by Lisa & Larry Jamieson N/A
2-7 Just Give Him the Whale by Patrick Schwarz, Ph.D. N/A
2-8 iPad 101: A Game Changing, Enabling Technology by Leanne & Steven Morphet
2-9 Understanding Behaviors of Children with Special Needs by Dr. Michael Oberschneider
Session 3 - Saturday at 1:30pm
3-1 Parenting with 1-2-3 Magic for Kids by Tracy Lewis
3-2 Camphill: When Community Makes a Difference by Deidra Heitzman & Guy Alma
3-3 Navigating the Special Education Maze by Carolyn Beckett
3-4 Recruiting, Training and Supporting Volunteers by Shannon Dingle
3-5 Inclusion Toolbox by Barbara Newman
3-6 Supporting the Special Family by Jackie Mills-Fernald & Mike Garver
3-7 A Friend Indeed by Patrick Schwarz, Ph.D. N/A
3-8 Creating Communication Partnerships for Individuals with Autism by Dr. Joanne Cafiero
3-9 Rewiring the Sensory System by Arousha Shahin
Pre / Post Conference Workshops
P-1 Access Unplugged with Moderator Jackie Mills-Fernald (Two CD Set for $12.00)
P-2 Putting Together Pieces of the Autism Puzzle with Moderator Donna Goldbranson (Two CD Set for $12.00)
P-3 Life with a Disability with Moderator Donna Goldbranson (Two CD Set for $12.00)
P-4 Staying Balanced and Passionate about Disability Ministry with Moderator Jackie Mills-Fernald (Two CD Set for $12.00)
Complete Conference Set on Audio CD for $179.00
Additional Binders (hold 8 CDs) for $3.00 each