ABC Biennial Conference 2017
 June 30-July 2
 Portland, Oregon


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General Sessions
# Title
201 Friday Evening Opening Worship - Connected to Christ Rev. Sharon T. Koh
202 International Ministries Luncheon with Special Guests
203 Saturday Evening Worship - Connected to Each Other Rev. Dr. Jeffery Haggray
204 Sunday Morning Worship-Connected to the World Rev. Dr. Lee B. Spitzer
205 ABHMS Luncheon Rev. Kathy Longhat
206 Sunday Evening Worship - Connected in Joy! A Grand Celebration
Thursday Events
1-1 National Black Caucus Worship Dr. James Forbes
Friday Events
2-1 Women's Day- American Baptist Women's Ministries Rev. Marie Onwubuariri & Rev. Kimberly Salico-Diehl
2-2 Committee on Christian Unity and Interfaith Relations Dinner Margaret Marcuson & Wajdi Said
Saturday Events
3-1 "Making Connections When Crossing Over into Unfamiliar Territory" - Acts 10 Rev. Dr. Cheryl Dudley
3-2 "Go the Distance" - Galations 6:1-10 Rev. Kathy Longhat
3-3 "Connecting: How Far Will You Go?" - Luke 15:6-18 Dr. Doris Garcia Rivera
3-4 "The Journey to Connection" - Acts 10 Rev. Dr. Phillip K. James
3-5 "Mission or Misconnection: A Summary of the Book of Jonah" Rev. Robin Stoops
3-6 "Covenant Sensibilities and Values in a Broken and Shattered World" - Phil. 1:3-11 Rev. Joseph DeRoulhac
3-7 "Body of Christ" - Ephesians 4:4-6 Duh Kam N/A
3-8 Mission Summit Conversations - Anti-Violence Session Intro Only
3-9 Mission Summit Conversations - Discipleship Session Intro Only
3-10 Mission Summit Conversations - Ending Poverty Session Intro Only
3-11 Mission Summit Conversations - Gospel in a Rapidly Changing Society Session Intro Only
3-12 Mission Summit Conversations - Innovative Models of Pastoral Ministry Session Intro Only
3-13 Mission Summit Conversations - Next Generation of Leaders Session Intro Only
3-14 Mission Summit Conversations - Women in Ministry Session Intro Only
3-15 Learning Opportunity - Anti-Violence G. Travis Norvell & Justin Thornbrugh
3-16 Learning Opportunity - Discipleship "On Earth as in Heaven: Discipleship in Action"   N/A
3-17 Learning Opportunity - "Journey into Racial Reconciliation: Action. Reconciliation. Transformation."   N/A
Sunday Event
4-1 Learning Opportunity-"God's People Ending Poverty" Rev. Leslie Copeland-Tune
4-2 Learning Opportunity-Anti-Violence - What Happened in This House.... Laura Landgraf
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