ABC Space for Grace Conference 2015
 November 4-7
 Los Angeles, California


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General Sessions
Individual Sessions
# Title
101 Wednesday Opening Worship Rev. Susan Sparks
102 Restoring Human Connection: Race, Sexuality and the Bible (Part 1) Brian D. McLaren
103 How Our View of God Shapes Our View of Others Rev. Dr. Ken Fong
104 Thursday Evening Worship Rev. Marie Onwubuariri
105 Restoring Human Connection: Race, Sexuality and the Bible (Part 2) Brian D. McLaren
106 Walking the Walk of Justice Forged by Witness and Faith Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Thompson
107 Friday Evening Worship Rev. Ernest Flores
108 Restoring Human Connection: Race, Sexuality and the Bible (Part 3) Brian D. McLaren
109 Standing in the Gap with Grace: A Perspective on Ferguson, MO Rev. Dr. Robert Scott
110 Celebration of Ministry (Two DVD or Two CD Set) Dr. Aidsand F. Wright-Riggins III
Learning Opportunities
1 Why Nobody Changes Their Minds (Two CD Set) Dr. Ken Fong
2 Windows of the Heart Reggie and Kim Harris N/A N/A
3 When God Calls Us in the Midst of Crisis Adam Bond N/A N/A
4 Church Without Borders: The Ministry of Reconfiguring Urban Life Oscar Garcia-Johnson N/A N/A
5 Leadership to Create Space for Grace (Two CD Set) Eric Law
6 Calling Forth New Life: Becoming Your Freshest, Finest and Fullest Self Kirk Byron Jones N/A N/A
7 Growing Downward in Grace: Social Justice in an Urban World Stan Moody N/A N/A
8 Consensus Building in the Midst of Diversity and Divergence Marcia Patton N/A N/A
9 Prophetic Voice-Proclaiming a Missional Gospel with Grace and Power (Two CD Set) Panel
10 Seeking Unity in Discipline Amidst Diversity Anna May Say Pa & Zauya Lahpai N/A N/A
11 Ministering to Communities in Crisis Delois Brown-Daniels N/A N/A
12 Spiritual Renewal after Experiencing the Effects of Trauma Harry Simmons and Kristina Maeller N/A N/A
13 Religious Liberties for All Deborah Bingham & Van Broekhoven N/A N/A
14 Ministry by and for Seniors Marie Carpenter N/A N/A
Luncheon Meetings
15 Thursday Luncheon Rev. Dr. Raphael Warnock
16 Friday Luncheon Rev. Dr. Marvin McMickle
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Additional Binders (hold 8 CDs) for $3.00 each