ABC Biennial Conference 2013
 June 21-23
 Overland Park, Kansas


DVDs - $15.00 each
Audio CDs - $7.00 each
Two CD Sets - $12.00 each
Three CD Sets - $15.00 each
Binder (Holds 8 CDs) - $3.00 each

General Sessions
Individual CDs
# Title and Speaker
101 Friday Celebration - Transformed for Justice (Two CD Set) Michelle Alexander
102 Saturday Celebration - Transformed for Mission (Two CD Set) Dr. Yam Kho Pau & Dr. John Upton
103 Sunday Morning Worship (Two CD Set) Testimonies
104 Sunday Evening Worship (Two CD Set) Rev. Matthew Sturtevant
Thursday Workshops
1 National Black Caucus Worship Special Message
Friday Events
2 National Black Caucus Meeting (Two CD Set) Panel Discussion
3 Chaplains and Pastoral In-Service Training (Three CD Set) Dr. John P. Oliver
4 Women's Day Event (Three CD Set) Rev. Karen Selig
5 MMBB Luncheon Marvin McMickle N/A
6 ABCUSA Mission Summit Press Jeffrey Johnson
7 Christian Unity and Interfaith Relations Dinner Dr. Sayyid M. Syeed
8 National Black Caucus Dinner Debora Jackson
9 Chaplains and Pastoral Counselors Merit Award Dinner Rev. Marilyn P. Turner
Saturday Events
10 ABHMS Mission Tour Breakfast Special Message
11 "Friends of ABCUSA" Breakfast Panel Discussion
12 International Ministries Luncheon (Two CD Set) Allen Yeh
Sunday Workshop
13 ABHMS Luncheon
Additional Binders (hold 8 CDs) for $3.00 each