ABC Black Church Conference 2009
 November 1-7
 Chicago, IL


DVDs - $15.00 each
Audio CDs - $7.00 each
Two CD Sets - $12.00 each
Three CD Sets - $18.00 each
Six CD Sets - $30.00 each
Three DVD Sets - $35.00 each
Binder (Holds 8 CDs) - $3.00 each

General Sessions
Individual CDs
# Title and Speaker Speaker DVD CD
101 Worship--National Black Caucus Dr. Frederick D. Haynes
102 Gospel Music According to Chicago
103 Worship--Hour of Power Rev. Dr. Brenda Little
104 Make a Joyful Noise (Two CDs at $12.00) Dr. James Abbington
105 Worship--Hour of Power Rev. Dr. Robert Scott
106 Worship--Hour of Power Rev. Dr. Marshall Hatch
107 Members of the Haitian Alliance Baptist Mass Choir: Communion & Commissioning Rev. Trevor Beauford
108 We Got This! Passing the Mantle Without Breaking the Bridge (Two CDs at $12.00) Rev. Phil Jackson & Rev. J. Alfred Smith
Three Part Session--$35 on DVD and $18 on Audio CD
109 Biblical Reflections on the Disciple-Making Church Rev. Marvin A. McMickle
Six Part Sessions--$30 on Audio CD
1 Something's Gotta Give Dr. Adam Bond
2 Call to Greater Works Dr. Marshall Hatch
3 The Doors of the Church Are Open (Five CDs at $25.00) Rev. Roxanne Cardenas
4 Teaching that Transforms Rev. Carol Jamieson Brown
5 A Call to Oneness / A Day of Reconciliation: Organizing to Stop the Violence! (Four CDs at $20.00) Dr. F. James Clark &
Dr. Robert Scott
6 Ministry to Hidden Brokenness in Our Communities Dr. Brenda Little
7 The Necessary Revolution: Re-Imagining Leadership for the Black Church Rev. Stephen Lewis
Two Part Sessions--$12 on Audio CD
8 SPHERE: Solutions for Promoting HIV/AIDS Education to Reduce the Epidemic Dr. Tanya Henderson
9 Bigger is Not Always Better: Small Church Ministry Rev. Ronald Burks
10 Preaching for the 21st Century Rev. Martha Simmons N/A
11 On the Potter's Wheel: Molded and Shaped for Ministry Rev. Dr. Eleanor Cardenas
12 Empowering Leadership (One CD) Rev. Francine Stark
13 A Plan for Greater Works Missional Church Coaches N/A
14 Successful Strategies for Teaching Across Generations Minister Jenetta Ross
15 We Are the Ones (One CD) Rev. Jason Reynolds
16 Black Churches Engaged in Mission (One CD) Rev. Yvonne Carter &
Rev. Eleazar Ziherambere
Individual Sessions--$7 on Audio CD
17 Making Multi-Cultural/Racial Ministry Work Rev. Dr. Alice Green
18 Biblical Support for Women's Leadership in the Church Rev. Dr. Alice Green
19 (Re)Shaping the Church's Ministry with Youth Rev. Reginald T. Fletcher
20 Ministry to African-American Men Rev. Darryl Sims
Additional Binders (hold 8 CDs) for $3.00 each